What is 


Psychotherapy is also referred to as "talk therapy". It is a highly collaborative process between you and your psychotherapist. Psychotherapy is used to help you explore your mental health and wellbeing. Through this exploration you can target your specific issues and learn how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours affect your mood and impact your daily life. With this valuable information you can begin to generate and test alternative view points. You will also begin to develop tools and strategies that you can use to target and cope with your specific issues.

Can Nurses provide psychotherapy?


The regulatory body for nurses, the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is one of only 6 regulatory colleges who's members are permitted to provide the controlled act of psychotherapy. 

In addition to my Registered Nurse (RN) license, I have also completed additional training to qualify as a Certified Nurse Psychotherapist (CPN/CNP).

Psychotherapy can help

Overwhelmed or out of Control

A loss of joy or sense of purpose

Unable to cope with daily life

anxious, Depressed or Hopeless

Dealing with Alcohol or drug misuse

Unsure Of how to cope with life transitions like relationship breakdown or divorce

Unable to cope with Racing or intrusive thoughts 

Stuck in a cycle of unhelpful behaviour

Difficulty feeling connected in relathiosnips



If you are currently in crisis and need urgent Support please click the link below and you will be connected to the centre for addiction and mental health (CAMH) crisis resources website