Being human is not always easy. Life experiences can leave you feeling fractured and lost. Navigating mental health and wellness can feel overwhelming and you may not
know where to start. But you don't have to take this journey alone. 
Let's work together to rediscover your sense of wholeness.

A modern holistic approach to
mental health

I'm a Certified Nurse Psychotherapist, RN, CPN/CNP-Q(Qualifying) and a meditation teacher. I have 19 years of experience providing care to clients within the acute care setting. I am passionate about making quality mental health care more accessible within the community. I believe that mental health and wellness requires a holistic approach. By combining  effective psychotherapy methods including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy- CBT with mindfulness, meditation, breath and somatic work; I offer a practice that will help you develop tools and strategies to make your daily life feel more manageable and fulfilling. 

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